Our people are the foundation to our success. This acknowledgment comes from the recognition that talented and driven employees, who, in alignment with our values, support each other to understand and achieve our common goals.

With the vision “Looking towards the future”, we will further strengthen the engagement of the local and Indigenous people into regular, sustainable employment in a culturally sensitive work environment.

Our recruitment specialists source and present only those who have demonstrated competency of the tasks put before them.

Our Recruitment Philosophy:
  • Provide recruiters who understand your operations; know your challenges; and your requirements.
  • Supply the best quality candidates who are driven to help you and your team reach your targets.
  • Engage people truly aligned to your core values.


Our Competitive Advantage:
  • Through our experience in delivering projects for highly regarded clients in the mining and civil industries, we understand the strengths and capabilities required to deliver results, and will only present people who have demonstrated capability.
  • Vimba Warta brings Industry experience and a pragmatic mindset to help our clients solve their employee shortages.


What We’ll Deliver:
  • We understand the nature of the workforce and know the cost of not having the right people when you need them, it is with this knowledge that we will commit to working with you to provide quality candidates within the required timeframes.
  • Our recruitment team will only present candidates who we would have work for us. All candidates will go through our robust pre-screening processes to ensure they meet the technical requirements of the role and are the right cultural fit for your team.
  • We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients to achieve tangible, measurable and sustainable results across the operations of a project, and we understand the impact human capital has on this.


Our Promise To You:
  • Our recruitment specialists have years of Industry experience.
  • You and your operations will be supported by recruiters who understand you and your business needs… and you’ll enjoy the experience along the way!


Plant and Equipment:

  • In addition to our labour hire solutions, Vimba Warta also operates an extensive fleet of plant and equipment, which enables a tailored, cost-effective and productive solution for clients in the civil and mining industries.